Parents of Rice Splash Students

General Information

While the main focus of Rice Splash is providing unique and exciting opportunities for our students, we recognize they would not be here without the love and support of their parents. We are dedicated to making your son or daughter’s experience as fun, beneficial and safe as possible, and we need your help to achieve that.

Programs at Rice Splash are designed to be both enriching and fun – please keep that in mind when helping your student register for programs. We encourage our students to partake in classes with material that interests them, as this results in a better experience for the whole class. Students taking classes that are uninteresting to them can be unhappy or even disruptive, so we ask that students choose and register for classes themselves; as a parent, please do not do it for them. Feel free to suggest particular classes to your child, but leave the final decisions up to them.

Who We Are

All of our administrators are Rice students who are donating their time and effort to making Rice Splash happen. Our teachers are all Rice student volunteers as well, all of whom are juggling a full courseload as well as other extracurriculars. We all contribute to Rice Splash because of our love of teaching and learning – and our desire to provide exciting and interesting opportunities for our students to pursue their interests, whatever they may be.

Sitting In

Rice Splash is a chance for your children to meet new friends and mentors and explore their interests independently. We encourage them to take an unusually active role in learning – this aspect relies heavily upon an atmosphere without active guidance from home. Therefore, we usually do not permit parents to sit in on classes. When in the classroom, your child will never be left unsupervised. Our directors are always nearby and available in case the students or teacher need any assistance. Exceptions may be made for children who have learning disabilities.

What to do while your child is at Splash

If you choose to stay on Rice campus while your child is at Splash there are a number of options:

Coffeehouses: Rice Coffeehouse in the Rice Memorial Center (Building 62) - Open from 10am-5pm

Brochstein Pavilion/Salento Coffeeshop (Building 9) - Open from 9am - 6pm

Campus Map:

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