Learn at Rice Splash!

General Information about Rice Splash

For one Saturday in March and one Saturday in November, take classes on all kinds of topics taught by passionate, knowledgable Rice students. During the course of an unforgettable day, indulge in curiosities you've always had or find new passions you've never imagined at all while meeting a wide range of students from all over Houston.

Program Vitals:

What: A Saturday in which you can take multiple classes taught by Rice students on a variety of fun subjects.
When: Saturday, April 17th, 2021
Where: Zoom

You’re going to Splash, what’s next?

Students (grades 5-12) can register for classes by clicking on the purple "Register" tab to your left! You will be able to select 4 classes for the day of Splash, each 50 minutes long (9-9:50 AM, 10-10:50 AM, 11-11:50 AM, 1-1:50PM). If you have any issues with registering, please send us an email at ricesplash@gmail.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Please follow this link to our updated website for more details about Splash:

Emergency Contact Info: (713) 364-6517

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